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Crest Composites evolved from a deep desire to offer more than just run-of-the-mill products and a firm commitment to provide solutions rather than products, a desire to excel, a desire to be distinctly and diligently different.

Company Profile

CREST COMPOSITES AND PLASTICS PVT. LTD. is one of India’s most respected and leading companies in the field of polymer resins technology with an established presence in the industry. The Company, with its focus on innovation and value addition, has earned itself respect and goodwill among a long list of customers from varied industrial segments.


CREST manufactures a wide range of international quality resins for a diverse range of applications and requirements and provides customised solutions to a vast clientele of respected companies and industries.
The Company presently manufactures polymer resins for Composites, Coil & Can Coating, Textile Sizing, Putty & Acrylic Paints. Many other products are on the anvil.

Research and Development

CREST has always believed that for every product and every application, there is a higher level of customisation and value addition. The Company has extensive R&D operations at its Research Centre in Gujarat. The highly equipped Centre, approved by the Department of Science & Technology (DST, Govt. of India), with its highly qualified and committed team of researchers, carries on incisive research for developing newer and better products.


CREST has its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, one of India’s most progressive and industrialised states. The unit is in the district of Kheda, near Ahmedabad, the state’s commercial capital and is strategically located near the DMIC Zone for superior logistics. This factory, located in a developing area, provides vital employment to the people of the area as well as contributes to the area’s development

A second, world class facility is also coming up in Dharwad, in the State of Karnataka, one of India’s most advanced states. This facility is under construction and would be in operation early 2011.

Marketing Operations

The Head Office is at Ahmedabad, and is ably supported by branch offices/operations in various regions and metropolitan cities – all strategically situated to provide the best of instant and efficient customer service as well as ensure complete reach and penetration to all markets.

International Partnership

Crest has always believed in providing the latest and best in technology and quality. In order to bring the best of updated global technologies, Crest has formed a strategic alliance with BENASEDO of Italy, a highly renowned premier resin manufacturing company of Europe. They have partnered Crest in a Joint Venture enterprise for the development and manufacture of coating resins in India.


Created in 1995 by a team of dedicated professionals, the Company has grown from strength to strength and has firmly established itself as a leading innovator in the field of resins. The Company’s extensive R&D and its commitment to providing innovative and customised solutions, international uncompromising quality and diligent customer care has set it apart as the first among equals.
Over the years, from a fledgling unit, the Company has grown in stature and volume. A multi-directional approach, tremendous diversity and growth in the product range, volumes and turnover along with a vastly widening customer base speak volumes about the Company’s efforts to provide value and be a trusted partner.
People are the greatest assets and the Company’s dedicated team with their years of knowledge, expertise and commitment to quality and innovation, have been the greatest source of inspiration and strength and have paved the way for many achievements.
Leadership through quality and innovation has been the basic aim of the Company and this commitment has paid rich dividends in the form of delighted clients, who are more partners than customers.

Over the years, Crest Composites has carved its own unique niche in the world of composites and polymer resin technology through its focus on providing value through innovation and customisation. What has also taken the Company to its present respected position is its innate simplicity and honesty in the business of resins.